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Fuel Oil:

Itis a fraction obtained from petroleum distillation, either as a distillate or a residue. It is used in an engine for the generation of power. We provide services for the fuel oil which is used in marine diesel engines, boilers, furnaces and other combustion equipment.


Gas oil-Gas Diesel Oil/ (Distillate Fuel Oil)
Gas/diesel oil includes heavy gas oils. Gas oils are obtained from the lowest fraction from atmospheric distillation of crude oil. Several grades are available depending on uses: diesel oil for diesel compression ignition (cars, trucks, marine, etc.), light heating oil for industrial and commercial uses, and other gas oil including heavy gas oils which distil between 380°C and 540°C and which are used as petrochemical feed stocks.


Our company undertakes the responsibility of ensuring our clients receive packed bitumen of the highest standard in the industry by overseeing the entire process of procurement and supply.


We are recognized as the manufacturers, exporters and suppliers of industrial chemical like Naphtha. Naphtha is a highly flammable liquid hydrocarbon obtained from petroleum distillates and natural gas.

Naphtha is a feedstock destined either for the petrochemical industry (e.g. ethylene manufacture or aromatics production) or for gasoline production by reforming or isomerisation within the refinery. Naphtha comprises material that distils between 30°C and 210°C.


We are providing kerosene that is free from aromatics, heavy metals and unsaturated hydrocarbons. It is used in ink and paint industries.

Lubricant Additives:

We are specialized in offering Lubricant Additives, which is safe to use, pure and reckoned for accurate composition. Processed under the strict guidance of experts, these additives are mainly used to improve the stability and efficiency of lubricants. Available in different quantities, these additives are cost effective and in tandem with prevailing industry standards. we have different range of products.

These are also used for preparing

  1. Polish
  2. Metal degreasing products
  3. Specialty lubricants
  4. Agrochemicals
  5. Paint in industries
  6. Rust Preventives
  7. Lube Oil Additives
  8. Aerosols
  9. Pesticides
  10. Insecticide
  11. Specialty Chemicals
  12. Fuel Sprays
  13. Fuel Additive
  14. Mosquito repellents

Base Oil:

The main use for base oils is in the manufacture of automotive lubricants.

  • Industrial Burners.
  • Mould Oil to help release products from their moulds.
  • Hydraulic Oil.
  • Bitumen Base Products.
  • Additive in Manufactured Products like Lubricant.
  • Hydraulic or Transformer Oil.
  • Industrial Burners.
  • Mould Oil to help release products from their moulds.
  • Additive in manufactured products like Lubricants, Hydraulic Oil & Transformer Oil.