Ship Cleaning

Ship Cleaning

Ship cleaning services

Our Company offer quality cleaning and maintenance services for the marine industry. We do our work flexibly and professionally.

Our company specialty areas are cleaning of bilges, emptying and water ballast tanks with surface preparation, cleaning and disinfection of fresh water tanks and fresh water systems.

Ship bilge cleaning services

We can also provide a range of ship bilge cleaning services, including:

  • Cleaning of cargo holds and cargo decks
  • Hydroblasting of tanks, decks, superstructure etc
  • Cleaning of funnel and casings
  • Boiler cleaning or cleaning of heat exchangers

Cleaning and conservation of engines and machinery after water ingress or fire in engine room or cleaning of oil spills with total care concept.

Pressure washing for ships

Pressure washing means the cleaning of various surfaces with clean water. Different types of particles, such as sand, can be added to pressurized water to enhance cleaning efficiency.

High-efficiency vacuum cleaning for ships

High-efficiency vacuum cleaning offers suction and blowing for the handling of both dry and wet materials. The material is sucked into the tank of the unit, in which the material can be transported to the destination and discharged either by tipping of blowing.

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