Our business ambitions rely on a healthy work culture, workforce and community. Our focus on safety extends well beyond our operations and into our communities.
Numerous campaigns and events are conducted every year to further advance the value and practice of safety in the workplace and homes of our employees and their families.

HEALTH, SAFETY & ENVIRONMENT: We consider the protection of human health, safety, and the environment for all its employees, contractors, customers, and the community to be of primary importance. As such, the company will maintain a Health, Safety, and Environmental (HSE) Program conforming to the best management practices for marine construction. The overall success of the HSE program is based on the following:

Our safety strategies include:

  1. Safety awareness campaigns
  2. Safety house program
  3. Traffic safety
  4. Fire safety

We strive to improve the environmental health and safety of these communities, enhance, increase economic viability and promote sustainability through conservation and efficiency efforts. Our operations span the breadth of the United Arab Emirates environmental zones, protection and preservation of our natural environment for future generations is vital to our success.

Our aim is to always conduct business in a manner that protects the natural environment and serves the community. Before taking up any project, we always identify environmental priorities, objectives and targets. As the project progresses, we continue to track how well these issues are being managed. In particular, we prevent pollution at source by reducing waste, recycling and carefully disposing off the waste.